We are proud of the fact that our company has been Bisnode AA certified for the last two years, making it one of the 1.75% of the financially most stable companies! Bisnode rates the financial stability of all companies, examining their business reliability based on continuous feedback and evidence, according to a system developed by […]

eLanTest Temperature Camera – Contactless Temperature Filtering

During a virus situation, we can make a particularly useful use of body temperature cameras, which allow us to take contact-free temperature measurements on those passing in front of them, thus filtering out suspicious people. The camera can be connected to access control systems so that it does not open above a specified body temperature, […]

GateSet speed gate test GS 3300- Solution of fast admission

  Our Gateset high-speed gates offer solutions to various access problems. Our offer includes high-speed gates, designed specifically for tight spaces, as well as a planned model of high-traffic conversion, this way, everyone can find a model that meets their needs. In the video below, a GS3300 quick-acting gate is presented. Features: LED passage direction […]

Our Story

Li-Fi: The technology, which is a 100 times faster then Wi-Fi   The Li-Fi technology is now available in Hungary, since EPS-Connect Ltd. became the local distributor, appointed by the right-owner Scottish company. EPS-Connect achieved this title from the ground, since it was established, within a single year. A year is a long time, from various […]

New high-tech security system under everday testing

We are exceptionally satisfied with our new fingerprint door lock, which we have been using every day for the past few weeks. By the way, we are the official distributors in Hungary for UNISECU products too!    

Our very own speedgate

We have just received our first speedgate from our Official Partner from Turkey! All we have to do now, is to set it up in our office!