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Our Company is the one and only official distributor of the pureLiFi products. The Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is a new technology, that offers trasmition of data via workaday LED light sources. Basically, the device turns an LED on and off exceptionally quick, thus converting the data into rapid light flashes. As a next step, a receiver decodes the flashes into data again, and therefore the data trasmition is complete. The flashes are so quick, that the human eye can not even see it, so it won’t bother anyone at all. Moreover, the brightness can be set to such a low level, that our eye percieves it as dark, so we can use the Li-Fi technology even at night. Unlike Wi-Fi, light can not go through walls and other objects, – as it uses radio waves – and therefore Li-Fi technology offers a high level of security, which can be achived fairly easily – even by a simpelst action as closing a door. This feature of Li-Fi can be both an advantage and a disadvantage of course. From a data security viewpont, it is much more secure, as it is impossible to access the network from outside without receiving light from the trasmitter, moreover a Li-Fi trasmitter can serve unlimited number of users, unlike its counterpart. As a consequence, interference is not a threat to Li-Fi, as it won’t bother other devices as a result of the lack of radio wave usage. Applying Li-Fi technology is especially useful to such places where these devices need to be present at all times, such as airplanes and military facilities. Additionally, there are laptops and smart devices, which have built-in trasmitters capable of using Li-Fi technology.


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