Body Temperature Cameras

Body temperature cameras perform fast, non-contact temperature filtering of people passing in front of them:

Automatic infrared face temperature measurement

Advanced face

Immediate alarm in case of abnormal temperature

Accurate forehead / wrist temperature measurements can be made on the recognized person

The device automatically saves:

- face map
- the temperature
- the time of the measurement
- the name
- and ID Card information

Principles for Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases

Early discovery

Prevent diffusion

Early isolation

Early report

Prevention of infection

Early treatment

Body Temperature Measurement is an important means of epidemic prevention and control!

The Pain Points of Traditional Temperature Measurements

The Pain Points of Traditional Temperature Measurements

Waste Time and Energy

In stations, airports, docks and other places with large traffic flow, a large number of passengers wait in queue

Contact Temperature Measurement

Easy to cause cross infection and can cause psychological burden to the detected personnel

Not for Long-term Use

There is no mechanism to measure body temperature in public places during the non-epidemic period and the early outbreak period, Easy to cause a large area of virus infection

No Formed Data Accumulation

Generally, temperature information has not formed as data, so it is difficult to analyze and evaluate the health and epidemic prevention, and difficult to improve the epidemic prevention and control.

China’s Leading Technology

Quick measurement of multiple people

Complete 16 target temperature measurements within 30 milliseconds at a distance of 3-5 meters.

All-weather real-time monitoring

Thermal imaging can quickly and efficiently monitor body temperature.

Temperature accuracy ≤0.3 ° C

Modifiers ≤0.3 ° C (emission, distance, ambient temperature, etc.)

Advantages Compared to Traditional System

The ELAN Body Temperature Measurement System

16 people temperature measurement within 30 ms

Max. 16 people can be measured simultaneously in real-time

Dynamic real-time continuous detection

Intelligent automatic temperature detection

Traditional Thermometer Temperature Measurement

Only can simultaneously complete the 1 person temperature measurement

Complete 16 people temperature measurement in 16s

Need arrange and irregular measurement

Manual temperature measurement

Key Features

It supports mobile applications

Overheating real-time warning

The data can be checked

Application Cases for Epidemic Prevention and Control

Areas of application






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