We are proud of the fact that our company has been Bisnode AA certified for the last two years, making it one of the 1.75% of the financially most stable companies! Bisnode rates the financial stability of all companies, examining their business reliability based on continuous feedback and evidence, according to a system developed by international experts. This is how our company, EPS – CONNECT International Zrt., was rated as one of the financially most stable companies. It is a great honour to be among the bests based on Bisnode’s objective company rating. We pay a lot of attention to be fair and act fairly on the market, so it is also important for us to have an external confirmation from a recognized expert, proving that our company’s probability of insolvency is extremely low. We believe that the Bisnode certificate helps us to further increase the trust of our customers, suppliers and colleagues, which is increasingly important in building long-term, stable business relationships. By recognizing the stability of our company as an independent expert, Bisnode sends us the message that we are on the right track!      

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