BusinessLine single socket

Basics: Basic model includes a type 2 socket
Material: (polycarbonate); shock-proof and fire-proof
Dimensions: 600 x 250 x 200 mm
Covers: Selection of 6 RAL colors
Specifications: kWh meter, RIFD, UMTS controller & SIM card
Security: Optional RCD type A and MCB C | RCD type B and MCB C

Standard covers
Article no.
705017 (RAL 5017, Blue)
707016 (RAL 7016, Dark grey)
709016 (RAL 9016, White)

Possibilities with the online model
√ Online insights into energy usage
√ LED ring dimmable or via time switch
√ Usage tracking and automatic settlement of charging costs
√ Guest usage: customizable charging tariffs
√ Private label possible

BusinessLine single socket (type 2) | Hub
A Hub charging station is equipped with a modem, kWh meter, RFID reader and UMTS controller & SIM card. This means that the charging station operates online and the firmware can be upgraded remotely.

Article no.InputOutput
B1161-5001*3,7 kW (1F-16A)3,7 kW
B1321-5001*7,4 kW (1F-32A)7,4 kW
B3161-5001*11 kW (3F-16A)11 kW
B3321-5001*22 kW (3F-32A)22 kW
* Applicable models for Australia & Japan (replace product number “5” with “7”)

BusinessLine single socket (type 2) | Satellite
Satellite charging stations communicate via the modem of the Hub charging station, and are equipped with a kWh meter and RFID reader. A Satellite charging station always requires a Hub charging station to be connected with.

Article no.InputOutput
B1161-40013,7 kW (1F-16A3,7 kW
B1321-40017,4 kW (1F-32A)7,4 kW
B3161-400111 kW (3F-16A)11 kW
B3321-400122 kW (3F-32A)22 kW
NB: Installation costs are not included into the price


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