Charging cables

All charging stations in Europe are equipped with a type 2 socket. This means that each charging cable has a type 2 plug on the one side. The type of plug on the other side depends on your car. This side may be equipped with either a type 1 or type 2 plug.


EVBox charging cables are suitable for electric vehicles according to IEC 61851-1 standards, and are assembled according to the standards of IEC 62196-2. All EVBox charging cables are compatible with Mode 3 ISO 17409 charging stations.

Unique features

EVBox charging cables are assembled through an automated process, in which no screws are utilized. The ‘moment’ (Newton meter) in which the cable is pressed onto the entire mounting socket, is operated mechanically; this assures that each cable maintains an identical and equivalent current conduction.
The plug of each charging cable is formed through a specific heat-conducting paste. This paste allows heat to be drained gently and fast. The dissipation of heat is executed optimally and the lowest temperature development of the charging cable and its plug is guaranteed. This way, optimal safety is always guaranteed.
Through the use of high quality rubber and composites, each charging cable remains flexible under the most extreme circumstances (i.e. extreme cold and extreme warmth).
EVBox charging cables are tested and approved by the TÜV, and meet all standards and requirements as mentioned above. At the end of each production procedure, each individual charging cable is tested extensively.

Article no.CapacityPlugLength
C1164-T2T11P-16AType 2 -> Type 14m
C1164-T2T21P-16AType 2 -> Type 24m
C1166-T2T21P-16AType 2 -> Type 26m
C1168-T2T11P-16AType 2 -> Type 18m
C1168-T2T21P-16AType 2 -> Type 28m
C1324-T2T11P-32AType 2 -> Type 14m
C1324-T2T21P-32AType 2 -> Type 24m
C3164-T2T23P-16AType 2 -> Type 24m
C3168-T2T23P-16AType 2 -> Type 28m
C3324-T2T23P-32AType 2 -> Type 24m
C3328-T2T23P-32AType 2 -> Type 28m


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